Olympic Course

This course has challenging hills on both the bike and run.

Start Time: First Wave - Men - 8:00 a.m.
Second Wave - Women and Relay Teams - 8:05 a.m.

1.5k Swim

Triangular course starting on the southwest edge of Lake Ming.


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40k Bike

Ride out of transition and make a right hand U-turn to head west on River Road.  Turn onto new bike path riding west toward C.A.L.M.  Stay to the right and ride through the north side of Hart Park.  Stay to the right coming out of the park.  Ride west (ignore off-ramps) for 15k ending with the climb up to Panorama Rd.  Turn left and head east on Panorama turning left at Mt. Vernon and descend onto Alfred Harrell Hwy.  Take the Goodmanville off-ramp (20k) to end the first loop.  When turning under the overpass, stay in the left lane coned off for cyclists.  Complete the turn around to repeat the loop (second loop) back up to Panorama and return (30k).  Finish the last 10k riding east back to transition at Lake Ming.  The bike ends with a steep downhill then a sharp left hand U-turn so slow down to make the turn.


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10k Run

Head west out of transition following the trail along the Kern River.  Continue through and past the campground, to the bike trail.  Turn south at the Kern County Soccer Park and follow markings going under Alfred Harrell Hwy and up Rattle Snake to Bastard Hill.  A little beyond the crest of Bastard hill will be a turn around that takes runners back down Bastard Hill and back to the tunnel under Alfred Harrell Hwy.  Follow the bike trail and Lake Road back to Lake Ming.  The final stretch includes a downhill before a flat 50 meters to the finish line.


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