Kids Tri

Registration is available all the way up to 10:00 am race morning at Lake Ming.

Start time is approximately 11:30 am.  This event's exact start time is fluid based on other race action occurring.  The event announcer will provide updates on race morning about when and where the start will take place.

The focus of the kids tri is participation and completing a multisport event, not competition.  Every participant receives a finisher's medal.  No records are kept and no awards are available for age group divisions.  This is strictly for fun.

The kids have a chance to be like mom and dad at the Bakersfield Triathlon and that is reward enough!

1/2 mile Run

Yes, this tri begins with a run.  The kids are lined up and given instructions and then set loose on a mad dash to the turn around.

Go west out of transition area following the trail along the Kern River.  Continue
to the turn around marker before reaching the campground.  Return to transition via same trail.  Remember to put on helmet.  This section cannot be completed without a helmet on and secured via a chin strap.


3 mile Bike

The bike is next!

Ride east out of the transition area and turn west on River Road like the other triathlons.  Turn right at the paved bike trail and follow around Lake Ming.  Turn right onto Lake Ming Road and pass all parking lots.  Turn right at River Road and then turn right back into the main event area at Lake Ming.  Return to start area west of the main transition area.



100 yd Swim

Finally it's time to get wet.

Remember to remove helmet and shoes first!  Run towards lake and hop in at the designated start zone.  Follow the course bounded by lifeguards and swim along the shoreline on the south edge of Lake Ming. Water depth is approximately 3 feet this close to shore (but swim, don't walk!).  Exit the water for a short grassy run to the finish line.  Receive finisher's medal here.